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Exactech Hip Replacement Attorneys

Exactech is a company that develops various medical implant devices and is located in Florida. A recent hip replacement device manufactured by the company has been recalled due to complications after surgery. The complications range from minor discomfort to more serious issues that require a follow-up surgery and possibly another full hip replacement surgery. 

If you or a loved one has experienced any issues after your Exactech hip replacement survey, your medical device may be one of the nearly 90,000 models on the recall list. Contact a New Orleans hip replacement recall attorney at Allan Berger and Associates as soon as possible after your surgery. Even if you are not experiencing symptoms, you may have a possible Exactech lawsuit against the manufacturer to receive compensation for pain and medical bills, and any related medical expenses. Contact our Exactech hip replacement recall attorneys for a free case evaluation.

Hiring an Exactech Hip Replacement Recall Attorney

Our attorneys treat each client’s case with the care and respect it deserves because each patient’s circumstances are unique and have their own intricacies. A lawsuit for injuries caused by a defective hip replacement must be filed within a certain amount of time, which is why it is imperative to set up an initial case review sooner than later. If you wait too long, you may lose your right to bring a claim.

Exactech may claim to pay for your out-of-pocket medical expenses. However, this may not always be the case; before signing or consenting to any sort of compensation from EXACTECH, exercise caution. It is possible that you may be relinquishing your rights. Before calling the EXACTECH-BROADSPIRE Helpline, consult with an experienced personal injury attorney today. Your rights may be affected if you look up your hip replacement serial number on the EXACTECH recall page before calling an attorney.

What is the Recall on the Exactech Hip Replacement?

All hip replacements have numerous pieces, including an acetabular liner in most cases. A metal cup is often put into the hip socket (acetabulum) and secured with screws during a hip replacement. This acetabular cup is often lined with an acetabular liner, which is typically constructed of plastic or ceramic. In this case, Exactech’s liner is plastic (polyethylene). 

The acetabular liner is surrounded by a femoral head component, which is a spherical piece of metal designed to resemble the top or “ball” of a person’s femur bone. The Exactech Connexion GXL acetabular liner is designed to be used in conjunction with other Exactech hip components during total hip replacement.

Exactech issued a recall for their prosthetic hip replacement, providing the following reason: “[r]isk of edge-loading and premature prosthesis wear is possible in a specific subset of patients with certain implant configuration and surgical implant positioning.” The product information for this recall is Exactech Connexion GXL acetabular polyethylene liners used in “orthopedic hip implant component[s]” with the following catalog numbers: 

  • 104-28-XX
  • MSC +5GXL Liner 5/15 DEG
  • MCS GXL Liner 5/15 DEG 

The FDA created the recall on July 22, 2021, under recall class 2, and reported a total of 89,050 in commerce. The FDA defines a Class 2 recall as “a situation in which use of or exposure to a violative product may cause temporary or medically reversible adverse health consequences is remote. 

Complications and Symptoms from Exactech Connexion GXL Liner Wear

Complications with hip replacement surgery are generally uncommon, but when debris from polyethylene wear accumulates in the joint, disorders like osteolysis can develop. It causes degeneration of the surrounding tissue and bone. This can result in the implant loosening and the need for a modification or replacement operation sooner than expected.

If you have recently had a hip replacement surgery (either total hip replacement or partial hip replacement) with this model, the possible symptoms you could experience include: 

  • Bone loss
  • Bone tissue degeneration 
  • Bone tissue loss 
  • Complete device failure 
  • Joint replacement
  • Lasting pain 
  • Limited mobility 
  • Loosening of the replacement joint 
  • Stiffness around the joint

Exactech noticed early linear and volumetric deterioration in Connexion GXL liners placed in .118 percent of patients between 3-6 years after hip replacement surgery between 2019 and 2021. Wear has led to “proximal femoral and acetabular osteolysis” in some of these individuals, according to the manufacturer. Patients who are having any hip replacement surgery side effects should contact their surgeon and schedule a follow-up appointment. 

Exactech has launched a reimbursement program for customers who have had problems with their Connexion GXL hip liners. Patients who have been harmed have also sought legal advice and examined their legal alternatives, including bringing lawsuits against Exactech to recover medical costs and pain and suffering. Those who have experienced any complication should reach out to a personal injury attorney immediately. A personal injury attorney experienced with class-action lawsuits and products liability cases can help in recovering fair compensation for any injuries sustained. 

Exactech Recall Lawsuit Background Information

Due to a danger of early wear and failure of the Connexion GXL polyethylene liners, an Exactech hip recall was issued in June 2021.

There has been a product liability lawsuit filed against Exactech, Inc., alleging that a Connexion GXL Liner used with an Exactech Novation hip implant was defectively built, causing excessive polyethylene wear and early hip replacement failure.

In 2021, Exactech Connexion GXL liners in over 90,000 hip replacements were recalled due to reports of early wear and hip failure. A growing number of individuals who received the recalled Connexion GXL Polyethylene Liners are investigating and pursuing Exactech hip replacement lawsuits.

Exactech Recall Lawsuits Already Filed

In February of 2022, George Wilson filed a complaint in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Arkansas. The Complaint indicated that Exactech knew about the problems and possible health issues and should have recalled the product sooner than they did. 

Wilson claims he received the faulty liner, as well as other Exactech Novation Crown Cup components, during a total hip arthroplasty in September 2013. Wilson had to have revision surgery eight years later, in September 2021, after the Exactech hip replacement failed owing to severe osteolysis, a painful disorder involving progressive bone degradation.

Long before the U.S. recall in June 2021, the manufacturer knew or should have known about the hazards associated with Exactech GXL hip liners, according to the lawsuit. Rather than alerting patients and surgeons, the corporation began designing and developing a new polyethylene liner that was created using a different process than the Connexion GXL liners.

Exactech was aware of multiple reports of early wear and osteolysis associated with the Connexion GXL Liners, according to Wilson, despite the liners’ initial promotion as being more durable than earlier generations.

Three people who received an Exactech hip replacement claim the implants were defective and that the company knew about it but never informed them or their surgeons. For a Total Hip Arthroplasty (THA) surgery, each plaintiff received the Exactech Connexion GXL goods. Due to early device failure, each plaintiff experienced extreme pain, a reduced range of motion, and bone and tissue loss. Corrective surgery is essential for everyone.

Exactech, Inc., the maker of the Connexion GXL hip liner implant used in THA or hip replacement surgery, has been by C. McGraw, D. Shultz, and M. Higgenbotham in the Eighth Judicial Circuit Court of Alachua County, Florida.

Who Qualifies for the Exactech Hip Replacement Recall Lawsuit? 

In all 50 states, Exactech hip replacement lawyers are handling recall litigation and filing a lawsuit on behalf of injured individuals. Anyone who has an Exactech artificial hip with the Connexion GXL liner and has it fail prematurely may be eligible for financial compensation for their pain and medical costs, and possibly more. 

Exactech began studying probable explanations of the high early failures associated with the Connexion GXL after announcing the recall last year. The problem was subsequently discovered to be a fault in the vacuum seal packing in which the Connexion GXL liners were being sent. There was a layer missing from the vacuum packaging, allowing too much oxygen to seep through. This led the Connexion liners’ polyethylene substance to oxidize and weaken the structural integrity of the plastic liners before they were implanted, resulting in premature wear and significant early failure rates.

Exactech has issued a recall for all of its Exactech knee and ankle replacement implant systems, citing the same issue as the cause of premature deterioration of polyethylene inserts in these implants.

Exactech and other medical device manufacturers have a legal obligation to ensure that their goods are safe to use and free of any design or manufacturing flaws that could harm consumers. Exactech’s hip replacement implant recall in 2021 is effectively an admission by the company that the implants were defective. As a result, Exactech shall be held legally responsible for any injuries or damages caused by the flaw.

Many Exactech product liability cases have already been brought by people who had their hip replacement implant fail prematurely. As more patients suffer premature failures due to defective inserts, more Exactech Connexion recall lawsuits are expected to be filed.

Possible Settlement and Recovery Options

There have not been any reported settlements or court verdicts for Exactech artificial hip implant recall lawsuits involving early hip replacement failure. As a result, determining the value of these cases is tough. By examining settlement payouts in previous mass torts involving various types of hip replacement implants, we can provide a pretty accurate assessment of the prospective settlement value of these cases. In ordinary tort instances involving hip injuries, we can also look at settlement values made in previous cases involving different manufacturers. 

We anticipate that the average settlement amount in Exactech artificial hip replacement recall claims will be between $250,000 and $350,000 after taking into consideration two frequent points of comparison in similar instances. There are numerous case-specific characteristics that can influence the value of a case. The following are the most important variables to consider in these situations:

  • Plaintiff’s age has a significant impact on the settlement value of a case. If the plaintiff is an older age class (65 and older), their lawsuit will be worth less than if they were in a younger age class (25 to 50 years old).
  • The work status of an individual is also a great consideration when determining compensation. If the plaintiff is retired, their lawsuit is worth less because they are not entitled to damages for lost wages or income. However, if the injured person is currently working and now out of a job due to complications, they may seek more when filing a lawsuit. 
  • Another important factor that goes into the weight of compensation owed is how long the individual has had the implant. Courts and opposing counsel will look at how long the plaintiff’s Exactech hip replacement implant lasted before it failed prematurely. If the implant only lasted two years before failing, the case will be worth more than if it lasted eight or more years before failing.

There are many factors that will be considered when in settlement negotiations. However, these are the most common in medical products liability lawsuits. Defective medical devices are a serious concern and often come with a higher value when bringing a lawsuit. An experienced attorney will evaluate all possible factors when seeking compensation for your case. 

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Patients who have had a GXL Polyethylene Acetabular Liner placed in the last six years and have not seen their surgeon in at least a year should see their doctor immediately (as recommended by Exactech). Even if you do not have any symptoms, it is crucial to get regular exams to keep track of your health.

You may be owed compensation for a faulty device. If you have experienced any issues or pain with your Exactech hip replacement, you should contact an experienced products liability attorney today. The New Orleans products liability attorneys at Allan Berger & Associates are here to help get you the fair compensation you are owed. 

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