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Case Results


Examples of Successful Cases Handled

The personal injury law attorneys at Allan Berger & Associates in New Orleans have recovered millions of dollars for our clients, and will fight for you and will work to ensure that you get the very best results based on your specific circumstances. The following is a sampling of some of the results that we have obtained for our clients.


$ 7,000,000

Young mother had cardiac arrest while delivering twins and suffered brain damage. Hospital, doctors, and pharmaceutical company were sued.

Medical Malpractice

Plus future medical expenses


$ 9,150,000

Five workers burned at oil storage facility. Gas vapors sucked into truck engine which revved until explosion occurred. The truck and engine was not equipped with a shutdown system.

Offshore Accidents


$ 1,115,000

Client suffered from extreme depression and suicidal thoughts. Psychiatric hospital ignored the suicidal threats and gave client leave of absence from the hospital over weekend. Client committed suicide while on leave from hospital.

Medical Malpractice

Plus future medical expenses


$ 4,358,000

Young man suffered from signs and symptoms of meningitis which was not properly treated by local Hospital Emergency Room Doctor. As a result of the extreme shock, young man had limbs amputated.

Medical Malpractice

Plus future medical expenses


$ 1,500,000

Offshore worker injured leg.

Offshore – Maritime Accidents


$ 3,250,000

Elderly woman gets off bus at corner stop and is knocked down while crossing the street by the bus as it is turning, suffering serious leg injuries that required the leg below the knee to be amputated.

Auto Accident


$ 2,490,807

Jefferson Parish JURY awarded approximately $2.500,000 against two emergency room doctors at a hospital who failed to diagnose a significant tendon injury that led to impaired healing impairment and permanent injury and disfigurement.

Medical Malpractice

Plus future medical expenses



Hospital Negligence

Medical Malpractice


$ 820,000

Cervical and Lumbar Epidural Steroid Injections and after an automobile accident.

Car Accident

CASE #10

$ 450,000

Lumbar laminectomy procedure after an automobile accident.

Car Accident

CASE #11

$ 2,014,111

Hospital failed to diagnose cervical fracture which resulted in victim of auto accident becoming a quadriplegic.

Medical Malpractice

CASE #12

$ 1,100,000

Hospital failed to properly diagnose subarachnoid and hemorrhage which resulted in emergency surgery. Client suffered stroke and now has paralysis from the stroke.

Medical Malpractice

CASE #13

$ 351,000

13-year-old hit in the eye by a ball. Ophthalmologist failed to treat the eye promptly resulting in patient losing sight.

Personal Injury

CASE #14

$ 640,000

Radiology staff improperly inserted intravenous catheter, resulting in Compartment Syndrome. Required urgent surgery and nerve damage to arm.

Medical Malpractice

$ 500,000 cap, past & future medicals

CASE #15


Cervical disc fusion surgery after an automobile accident, disputed liability.

Car Accident

Integrity & Commitment

AB&A provides innovative solutions to legal problems consistent with the higher standards of professional and ethical conduct. Berger and his team command the respect of defendants because of their outstanding track record, resources, and willingness to take difficult cases to trial.

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What People Say

“Allan Berger & Associates was there for me from Day 1 and can’t thank Andrew and Miss Melanie for all of their help. I wish I had them around the house!”

– Dolores A.

“Allan and Andrew fought for every dollar for me and I will be forever grateful. They aren’t just my attorneys, they are family.”

– Charles P.

I am so grateful to you for all you did to resolve my case. You were wonderful and made me feel so comfortable and calm. I could not have asked for a better attorney. God Bless.”

– Darlene C.

“Calling Allan Berger & Associates after my car accident was a blessing. I don’t know where I’d be without their help, and I’d recommend the firm to anyone else!”

– Tarra R.

“Thank you for your sensitivity and professionalism in your awesome handling of my case. First class representation and you treated me like I was a family member. Even though my case settled I’d like to stop by the office just to say hi.”

– Donna C.

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