Everything You Should Know About Filing a Roundup Lawsuit in Louisiana

Everything You Should Know About Filing a Roundup Lawsuit in Louisiana

November 4, 2019

Roundup® is a famous weed killer manufactured by Monsanto Company and used by millions of American families across the United States. It’s used most commonly by homeowners, farmers, gardeners, and landscapers alike as a viable solution to unwanted vegetation on a particular property. The ingredient that makes Roundup® so effective is glyphosate.

A Product that Kills More than Just Weeds

However, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that glyphosate products are carcinogenic in 2015 after the findings from a study were released to the public. Carcinogens stimulate the formation and growth of cancer cells. Glyphosate and glyphosate products, like Roundup®, are strongly believed to be the catalyst for devastating, terminal cancers like leukemia and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

After the study’s release, people around the world, including residents of New Orleans, Louisiana, were alerted to the weed killer’s devastating effects after an international warning was released. Even though Monsanto and their Roundup® business units assert that the product is safe, the experts are saying otherwise.

Class Action Lawsuits Around the Globe Ensue

Critics, researchers, and government officials state that Monsanto knew about the dangers of Roundup® for years and failed to exercise their duty of care by continuing to reap the benefits of massive sales and revenue from products sold around the world. One figure states that the company made more than $15 billion on the backs of innocent people as of 2015.

In short, they are accused of devaluing human life by concealing the dangers of Roundup® in favor of capitalistic profit. Since the release of the study, affected individuals and their representatives have been filing Roundup® lawsuits and class action lawsuits around the globe.

The Value of Human Life

It’s a compelling case from a legal perspective since a) it has been sold since 1974, and b) it’s a classic example of corporations allowing their bottom line to take precedence over human life. Louisiana families affected by the use of Roundup® are not going to sit by idly as they watch their loved ones suffer.

Consider Contacting a New Orleans Glyphosate Attorney

If you or your loved received a diagnosis related to cancer or other diseases caused by glyphosate use, contact a Roundup cancer lawsuit attorney in New Orleans immediately. This kind of lawsuit is very complicated and there are time limits on filing a claim. You can discuss the details of your medical history with him or her to determine if your case is actionable under Louisiana state laws.

How Exposure to Roundup® Occurs

Roundup® and glyphosate exposure can occur anywhere the herbicide is used. That means anyone who is around a farm, garden, or lawn that uses the product has been exposed to the ingredient. However, glyphosate, in minimal doses or minimal exposure is not hazardous. It’s the repeated regular exposure to the product is what causes detrimental or lethal health consequences.

In fact, Roundup® is still being used by millions of people and farms every single day using commercial equipment like crop dusters and sprayers. The most common methods of direct exposure and contact with glyphosate and Roundup® include:

  • Inhaling vapor or droplets from an area recently treated
  • Handling vegetation that is still damp from treatment
  • Eating unwashed food that was treated by Roundup®

There are many manners in which a person can be exposed to Roundup® and glyphosate. The common thread among Monsanto Roundup® cases is that it was the regular and repeated exposure to the chemical. While cancer is the most widely known disease associated with its use, there are other devastating health consequences coming into light, including respiratory illness, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and birth defects.

If you suffered an unexplained but life-changing diagnosis, you should discuss your options with a licensed product liability attorney in Louisiana to assist you in determining if Roundup® or glyphosate may be to blame. You can also review your choices related to the wrongful death of a family member on behalf of their estate, as well.

Compensation Available for Roundup® and Glyphosate Lawsuits in Louisiana

The legal framework regarding civil disputes is designed to allow negligently harmed individuals to receive fair compensation for their losses when caused by the hand of another.

While money cannot make up for a family member’s wrongful death or their illness, it can certainly hold a corporation accountable by having to pay millions of dollars in compensation to victims. It might also make other companies think twice about their actions before they decide it is okay to shirk their social responsibilities and duty of care to the public at large.

Compensation is available for proven claims to assist victims with costs related to:

  • Past, current, and future medical expenses
  • Physical and psychological therapy
  • Prescriptions and medical devices
  • Hospice care and funeral costs
  • Lost wages and benefits
  • Pain, suffering, and mental anguish
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of life and wrongful death
  • Lost earning capacity

Simply put, any financial damage that individuals incurred due to their exposure to the allegedly unsafe product can pursue compensation for their financial and emotional losses. The people of Louisiana should not have to pay for medical expenses related to their innocent and trusting use of a product they were told was safe.

Consider Hiring a Roundup Lawsuit Attorney in New Orleans, Louisiana

Obtaining treatment for cancer or watching a loved one slowly and painfully pass away is one of the most challenging things that someone can endure over their lifetime. It was unnecessary and could have been prevented if the responsible parties had alerted the public instead of valuing profits over human life.

If you believe that Roundup® is the number one culprit for your diagnosis or the loss of a loved one, contact a glyphosate lawsuit attorney in New Orleans, LA. At Allan Berger & Associates, Attorneys at Law, we are here to help your family through this challenging time by providing aggressive representation to achieve the outcome you deserve. You can schedule a free case review by calling (504) 526-2222 or by sending us a quick note here.

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