New Orleans has Joined the National Outrage Against JUUL Vaping

New Orleans has Joined the National Outrage Against JUUL Vaping

October 1, 2019

Nationwide collective action to ban fruity flavored rainbow colored vaping products has successfully forced the JUUL company to discontinue advertising its electronic-cigarettes in the United States. In addition to that surprising outcome, the chief executive officer of JUUL has stepped away from his position, and merger talks started up between JUUL and several Tobacco industry titans were abruptly ended. Furthermore, state and federal government regulators have begun investigating the hundreds of serious lung disease cases that have mysteriously surfaced over the past few months and examining them for possible ties to vaping and e-cigarettes.

Although health officials have not been able thus far to absolutely link these critically ill pulmonary cases, and in some instances, fatal cases, to the smoking habits of the affected patients, there is enormous concern growing in the medical community in regard to individuals using e-cigarettes as a delivery system to vape marijuana, as well as, the overall long-term effects of vaping and flavored vaping products.

These kinds of headlines over the past months are especially terrifying to the parents of children, as vaping has grown as rampant among today’s teen population as smoking tobacco cigarettes once was to the general population. It seems all the efforts over the past decades to convince teenagers not to smoke cigarettes has gone up in a haze of vape smoke.

On September 11, 2019, for the first time in a Louisiana federal court, a mother on behalf of her young son, filed with the purpose of joining a class action suit against JUUL Labs Inc. The e-cigarette manufacturer has been named as defendant in a growing number of class action suits filed this year across the United States. 

The unidentified woman (only her initials are disclosed in the filing) asserts that her young teen son’s addiction to e-cigarettes can be shown to be attributable to JUUL Labs adolescent-focused marketing strategies and deceptive advertising campaigns.

As pointed out in a September 21, 2019 article written by Emma Kennedy, a staff writer for

The Advocate, Margaret Thomas, an LSU law professor who specializes in federal civil  procedure and the federal courts: “The tobacco cases established addiction as an injury and it was a novel idea at the time but it worked in those cases.”

Can I file a lawsuit against JUUL?

Whether you or a loved one can file a claim to recover damages against JUUL depends on many different factors. If you believe you have been harmed by the use of JUUL vape pods due to inadequate warnings about related dangers and health consequences, or you were led to believe that using the vaping devices was safe for your health due to JUUL’s marketing campaigns, you may have a viable cause of action. You should seek the opinion and guidance of an attorney with experience and knowledge in the field of personal injury and product liability law.

There are state and federal laws to protect consumers like you and your teens from the harmful marketing tactics that companies like JUUL have employed to increase their sales at the expense of your health.

Navigating this type of lawsuit is highly complex and requires an attorney that is a skillful and resourceful litigator. An attorney who is ready to focus on your needs and has the knowledge and experience to expedite your lawsuit to a successful conclusion.

If you or your loved one has been harmed by using e-cigarettes and are thinking about filing a lawsuit, you need on your side the top New Orleans Law Firm to represent your case.

At the New Orleans Law Firm of Allan Berger & Associates, our attorneys are dedicated to helping their clients take every legal step and law procedural action available to recover the maximum compensation from the parties that have wronged them.

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