The Most Common Types of Personal Injury Cases

The Most Common Types of Personal Injury Cases

April 10, 2021

Accidents happen. However, some accidents could have been prevented. And when you are the victim, there’s no reason why you should have to deal with the financial repercussions on your own.

At Allan Berger & Associates, we have personal injury lawyers throughout New Orleans to assist you. It may be possible for you to take legal action against a person or company based on the details of the accident. Understanding some of the most common types of personal injury cases can help you determine whether you might be eligible for financial compensation.

You have to be realistic about an accident. There are questions you should ask:

  • Who is responsible?
  • What injuries were sustained?
  • How are you going to recoup the loss?

With the help of our experienced personal injury lawyers in Louisiana, we can show you that there may be ways to navigate a personal injury case. We can help to determine who was responsible and what kind of compensation you might be owed. Our ability to navigate the laws will make it easier for you to seek an award that matches the injuries and pain and suffering that you have sustained.

We’ve identified some of the most common personal injury cases below to help you learn more about what should be done in such situations.


Everyone has a responsibility to be mindful of what they do and how they maintain their property. Should someone fail to do something, it is seen as negligence. It may be that someone’s behavior was negligent or they were negligent because of not saying something about conditions. If you become injured because someone failed to maintain their responsibility, it may be possible to hold them accountable for the compensation of your injuries.

Intentionally Malicious Behavior

Just as it’s people’s responsibility to pay attention to what they do and how they maintain their property, it’s also important for people to maintain a moral compass. If someone does something maliciously with the intent to cause you harm, you have the right to sue them.

People aren’t allowed to simply inflict pain and suffering on anyone they wish. It can be illegal – and they should be held accountable for it all – and that includes suing them for financial compensation.

Slip and Fall

Public places, including restaurants and shopping malls, are supposed to maintain a safe space. If they fail – and you slip and fall, they should be held liable. Any hazard they create that leads to your injuries should be noted. It may be that they didn’t put up proper signage or there was an accident that they failed to clean up. Regardless of what might have caused the slip and fall, they did not succeed in providing a safe space for you to walk within the public space.

Medical Malpractice

Doctors and nurses have an obligation to provide you with comprehensive care. When they fail in one way or another, it can lead to a number of health issues. Medical malpractice is a form of personal injury law where you’re able to hold doctors accountable for any medical mistakes that are made. This can include anything from a wrong diagnosis to an issue in surgery to leaving medical tools behind post-surgery.

Product Liability

Unfortunately, defective products are sold all the time. It’s the law for companies to make products that are safe to use – and this includes the materials used as well as the overall construction. From toys to household products, there are defects that can cause serious harm. It’s important that a manufacturer be held responsible for any defects – either in the product itself or in the care instructions that are provided on the label.


The highest safety standards should be in place with pharmaceutical drugs. Unfortunately, standards are sometimes overlooked – either from the pharmaceutical company or the pharmacy where the drug was dispensed. If it leaves to a drug delivering side effects that are dangerous or hazardous to your health, there are ways to hold the responsible party liable.

Hazardous Work Conditions

Every employer has a responsibility to provide safe working conditions. When the conditions become hazardous, accidents can happen. It may be that there are unsafe conditions. It may be that there are insufficient PPE being provided. If you find that you were injured because of the conditions your employer has exposed you to, you may have a worker’s compensation claim.

Auto Accident (including 18-wheelers)

Auto accidents happen on the roads every day – they include cars, trucks, commercial vehicles, and 18-wheelers. If a driver of another vehicle breaks the law by crossing into your lane, running a red light, or causing an accident in some other way, they should be held accountable. Many accidents can lead to injuries as well as property damage. While insurance may help you seek some damages, it’s always best to consult with a lawyer before you accept a settlement.

How to Move Forward with a Personal Injury Claim

There are all sorts of personal injury claims that can be made. It is all dependent on what happened and who is at fault for it. Although we’ve listed the eight most common claims, there are plenty more.

Every situation is different, which is why it’s important to seek legal counsel. You should find out who is liable and determine what happened that led to your injuries. There’s no reason why you should try to go through it all on your own. Talking to professionals can help you to determine if you have a case and what the next steps should be.

Our New Orleans legal team can provide experience and legal expertise to help you. When you’re the victim, there are costs that you shouldn’t have to deal with. We can listen to the details of your case and determine if legal action should be taken.

Contact our firm today at 504-526-2222 or by filling out our contact form online. We’ll set up a consultation to discuss your personal injury claim in detail with you and help you to decide what should happen next.

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